The Kearney Police Department has established the below values and are committed to a this set of values that guide the work of all members of the department, thus contributing to the well being of our community. As a department these are our values:
  • A commitment to respect individual dignity in all people and a basic reverence for human life. To practice courtesy and patience by committing time to listen and communicate. To be caring and understanding by treating others as we would want to be treated.
  • A commitment to honesty and integrity in our relationships with all citizens and among ourselves in the department. Maintaining the “High Road” by striving to do that which is honorable and just.
  • A commitment to the providing of services in a fair, consistent and impartial manner to the best of our ability.
  • A commitment to providing quality services from knowledgeable, capable, and willing employees. Dedicated to solving problems regardless of whether or not they are “Police” problems or not. Providing accountability for our actions and performance.
  • A commitment to our community by participating both on and off of our jobs in activities and organizations.
  • We trust in our employees’ ability to solve problems and make decisions by keeping decentralized decision making throughout the department.
  • A commitment to respect each employee as an individual and for their role in the department. As a department we recognize that our employees are our most valuable assets.
  • A dedication to the concepts of open communication, cooperation of employees, and teamwork where new ideas are accepted and welcome. Keeping the department goal oriented.
  • A commitment to develop and enhance teamwork and working relations of the supervisory staff, to improve the effectiveness of the effort of the department and promote the “teamwork” concept as an example to all employees of the department.
  • A dedication to maintain an organization where self-improvement is emphasized and supported by the department by providing learning opportunities.
  • A commitment to maintain the sense of pride and camaraderie of the employees of the department. Having a work place where employees are supportive of each other and loyal to the values and commitments of the department.
  • The Public is encouraged to interact and comment on the department and it’s members. Questions may be directed to any member of the department either in person, by mail, or email. We look forward to serving you.