Security Camera Registration Program

What is the program?

Kearney Police Department is proud to announce a new partnership with the community that offers residents and business owners the opportunity to register their surveillance camera systems with us. The SCRAM program will help deter criminal activity in our neighborhoods and assist in our investigations.

How does it work?

Your surveillance cameras may capture evidence that is vital to investigating crime in your area. Registering the systems with us will assist officers and detectives in quickly gathering such information and solving crime. If you have registered your surveillance system with Kearney Police Department and a crime occurs in your area, we may contact you to review your surveillance footage and collect video or photo evidence from your surveillance system.


Register here for a security camera. Once you have submitted a form, we will reach out to you to complete the process.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Lieutenant Derek Luke, (308) 233-5256 or Emily Baughman, (308) 233-5241.

Surveillance Tips

  • If you plan to purchase a surveillance system, keep in mind:
  • The higher the resolution, the more helpful the footage will be.
  • A minimum of 30-day information storage is recommended.
  • Cameras should face entrance and exit points.


Information regarding your camera system will be for official department use only. Your personal information will be confidential and not for public dissemination. Registration through the program does not give Kearney Police Department remote or direct access to your surveillance system. This program is a collaborative effort with our community and does not in any way alter your rights to privacy.