Victim Services Division


The Victim Services Division is a program set up to aid victims of crime who are unaware of the avenues of assistance open to them. The majority of the crime victims are not knowledgeable of the procedures necessary to obtain assistance, or they are too traumatized or injured to cope with the problem. The Victim Services Division is a free public service offering information, practical assistance, and community referrals to victims of crime in the Buffalo County area.

The most important service provided by our advocates is continued support for the victim and/or the family throughout their involvement with the criminal justice system.

Additional services which may be provided by our advocates include:
  • Information and orientation regarding the criminal justice system;
  • Information on the status of the case;
  • Courtroom tours and trial preparation;
  • Referrals to community agencies when needed or desired;
  • Assistance with filing a Victim Impact Statement;
  • Assistance with filing for restitution;
  • Assistance with filing claims to the Nebraska Crime Victims’ Reparations Committee;
  • Assistance with filing for a Domestic Abuse Protection Order or Harassment Order