Kearney Housing Agency


  • Third Thursday of the month
  • Community Room at Kearney Manor, 2715 Avenue I


The Housing Agency shall adopt and promulgate fair and equitable policies establishing a plan for selection of applicants. The plan shall include standards for eligibility, procedures for prompt notification of eligibility or disqualification, and procedures for maintaining a waiting list of eligible applicants for whom vacancies are not immediately available.

Eligible applicants shall be offered available vacancies as provided in such policies. The Housing Agency may adopt, promulgate, and enforce rules and regulations related to carrying out the purposes of the local housing agency and exercising its powers and to amend or repeal such rules and regulations from time to time.


View members of the Kearney Housing Agency. Five persons, along with the Resident Commissioner, if any, shall constitute the Housing Agency Board. One Commissioner shall be appointed each year. Each Commissioner shall serve a five-year term.

Special Membership Requirements

  • No person shall serve as a Commissioner unless he/she resides within the area of operation of the Kearney Housing Agency.
  • To select the initial Resident Commissioner, or to fill subsequent vacancies in the position, the Housing Agency shall notify any Resident Advisory Board or other Resident Organization and all adult persons directly assisted by such Agency, to the effect that the position of Resident Commissioner is open and that if any such person is interested in being considered as a candidate for the position, such person should notify the Housing Agency, in writing, within 30 days of the person’s willingness to be considered and to serve as Resident Commissioner.
  • The names of all persons interested who have notified the Housing Agency of their interests in so serving shall be forwarded to the President of the Council and the Resident Commissioner shall be appointed from the list of names, subject to confirmation by the Council.