Downtown Improvement Board


  • 8:00 a.m.
  • First Wednesday of every other month
  • Council Chambers at City Hall, 18 East 22nd Street

Meeting Packet

  • Click here to view current Downtown Improvement Board Packet.  


The Downtown Improvement Board shall adopt rules for the transaction of its business and shall keep a record of its resolutions, transactions, findings and determinations, which records shall be public record.

The Downtown Improvement Board shall advise and make recommendations to the Council regarding:
  • The creation and implementation of plans to furnish adequate public parking facilities within the district
  • The creation and implementation of plans to acquire, construct, maintain and operate public off-street parking facilities for the benefit of the district area
  • Planning the beautification and improving the general architectural design of the district
  • Planning and promoting the improvement of streets, lighting, and traffic control for the district
  • Improvement and decoration of any public place in the district area
  • Promotion of public events which are to take place on or in public places in the district area
  • Assist in the payment of general obligation bonds issued for the construction of such parking facilities


View members of the Downtown Improvement Board. The Board shall consist of five members, all of whom must own, operate and/or manage businesses within the Downtown Improvement and Parking District as defined.

The term of each appointed member of the Downtown Improvement Board shall be for five years. All terms of office will expire on July 31. The officers of the Downtown Improvement Board shall be Chairperson/President and Vice-Chairperson/Vice-President. Three members are needed at all meetings to conduct business and represent a quorum.

Special Membership Requirements

Members of the Downtown Improvement Board are expected to attend meetings on a regular basis.