Tax Information

Tax Time

Obtaining Tax Forms

Federal Forms

There are several options available for obtaining federal tax forms:

  • Visit the library to pick up free copies of tax forms or for assistance printing forms (10 cents per page printed)
  • Call the IRS at 1-800-829-3676 to order tax products
  • Order online from the IRS website
  • Visit the IRS website to search, view, download and print 

State Forms

The Nebraska Department of Revenue no longer sends paper income tax return forms to the library. But you may:

  • Stop by the library to pick up a copy of the 1040N form for 20 cents  
  • Request assistance in printing other state forms
  • E-file your state income tax return
  • Request blank forms and instruction booklets by calling 1-800-742-7474
  • Visit the Nebraska Department of Revenue website to view and print forms at home

Federal Tax Forms Available at the Library

*If you do not see the form you need on this list, the library will not be receiving copies of it. Please see the information on ’Obtaining Tax Forms.’

Form 1040Available
Form 1040 SRAvailable
1040 Instruction BookletAvailable
1040 & 1040 SR Forms (Spanish / Español)Available
1040 Instruction Booklet
(Spanish / Español)
Not yet available
Form W-2Available
Form W-3Available
Form W-4Not yet available
Form W-2c
Form W-3c
Form 1096
Form 1098
Form 1098-E
Form 1098-T
Form 1099-DIV
Form 1099-INT
Form 1099-MISC
Form 1099 - NECAvailable
Form 1099-R
Form 1099-S
Form 5498
Publication 15 (Circular E)
Not yet available
Publication 15-A
Not yet available
Publication 51
Not yet available