This outreach service visits schools, care facilities, and other locations in communities throughout Buffalo County. The bookmobile runs on a bi-weekly schedule during the school year and limited weekly schedule during the summer. During the school year, the bookmobile stops at approximately 43 locations every two weeks while during the summer it has 30 stops every week.

Any Kearney Public Library patron is welcome to visit the bus at any of its many stops. This service is brought to Buffalo County residents through the cooperation of the City of Kearney and Buffalo County.

If you have questions or would like additional information please contact bookmobile staff at 308-233-3287 or email the Assistant Library Director. 

Bookmobile Policies

  • Items checked out from the bookmobile are loaned for a two-week period.
  • The patron is responsible for late fees and lost or damaged items. The parent or guardian will be responsible for any charges on a minor's account.
  • Items borrowed from the bookmobile may be returned to the Kearney Public Library, and those borrowed from the library may be returned to the bookmobile.
  • Patrons wishing to renew materials may:
  • Patrons may access their account information via the online catalog.
  • Bookmobile cards will be made through the bookmobile. Cards issued from the bookmobile or the library may be used in either location.
  • Bookmobile and library services are free to residents of Buffalo County. Replacement cards are free.
  • The bookmobile follows the school calendar and schedule in each service community. If school is canceled or not in session, the bookmobile will not run during that time period.
  • Every effort is made to complete the daily schedule. However, inclement weather or mechanical difficulties may force delays or cancellations. Notification of schedule changes will be available through the library and local media.