All elections within the City of Kearney shall be held and conducted in accordance with state statutes regarding elections and other state law regarding elections. Elections are administered by the Buffalo County Election Commissioner.

Elected Officials & Terms

City Council members are elected at-large. The City Council is comprised of five members. All Council members serve 4-year terms. All elections are on a non-partisan basis. From within the Council, one member is elected as President of the Council and is recognized as Mayor. The Mayor presides over Council meetings and represents the City in ceremonial functions. Council members shall be registered voters of the City. Terms of all elected officials shall commence on the first regular meeting in December of each election year.

Filings for City Council

Filings for City Council are at the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall. Filing fees must be paid to the City Clerk and no candidate filing forms shall be filed until the proper City’s receipt showing the payment of such filing fee is presented to the Buffalo County Election Commissioner’s office.