Special Event Permit Application

Application Process & Planning a Successful Event


A special event application is required for events or activities requiring the closure of a City owned streets/sidewalks/parking lots or require traffic control. Application/s must be submitted to the City Clerk no less than 60 days prior to the event and require the approval from City Manager or his designee. For larger events requiring the coordination of numerous spectators, vendors, participants, etc., it is highly recommended that the applicant contact City staff and submit an application/s at least four to six months in advance of event. For events that would require the use of downtown venues in proximity to one another, it may be necessary for both event organizers to combine each separate event into one special event application for City of Kearney coordination purposes.

Permits are on a first come, first served basis.

Submit your completed application to:
City of Kearney, c/o City Clerk's Office
18 East 22nd Street, P.O. Box 1180, Kearney NE 68840
Email: peynetich@kearneygov.org
Phone: (308) 233-3216 

Completing the application form will help us to identify the scope of your event and the support services you may need. Please submit as much descriptive information as you can with your application:

  • site/route maps
  • copy of insurance certificate
  • special designated licenses (if needed)
  • tentative timed schedule of event
  • parking and traffic flow plan

Upon review of the application, the Special Event Committee will decide whether or not to recommend the event to the City Manager or his designee. Following the outcome of the City Manager's action, the City Clerk will notify the applicant of the application status. If the event is approved, applicants may be required to attend an event review meeting with the Special Events Committee prior to the event date to finalize the logistics of the event. If the event is denied, the applicant may request to appeal the decision of the City Manager to the City Council for final action (per Resolution No. 2019-90). 

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the details of their organized event have been communicated thoroughly with City Staff.  City of Kearney staff will assist in setup and the removal of traffic control and sanitation items for the event.  The applicant should not expect City of Kearney staff to be present during the duration of the event.  Please coordinate with necessary City Staff in advance of the event to make sure you are comfortable executing your tasks during the day and time of your respective events. 

A calendar containing all City approved Special Event Permit Applications is available here

Permit Application

Special Event Permit Application (PDF)

Downtown Kearney Power/Electrical Access Map

Downtown Kearney Power/Electrical Access Map (PDF)

Preferred Designated Parade Route

Preferred Designated Parade Route (PDF)