Gift Catalog/Donate


City of Kearney Park & Recreation Fund 


Kearney Park and Recreation frequently receives inquiries about the various ways interested citizens can contribute towards a quality park and recreation system. Also, many inquire about ways they can provide a lasting testament and acknowledgement for friends and loved ones whom they want to honor in some way.

The Kearney Park and Recreation Gift Catalog was been developed to provide ideas for gifts which enhance the quality of life for citizens in the Kearney community. The Kearney Park and Recreation Fund was established in 2015, through the Kearney Area Community Foundation, to keep programs and parks strong.

There are several options on how to donate:

  1. Through the donate button on our website;
  2. Print the Gift Catalog and mail the information form with check enclosed;
  3. Go to the Kearney Area Community Foundation page through their donate button and choose the Kearney Park and Recreation fund; or
  4. Stop in and see us in person!
Most gifts are tax deductible!