Rotary Nature Barn

Nature Barn Welcome SignThe Rotary Nature Barn was funded and constructed by the Kearney Rotary Club in conjunction with the Kearney Park and Recreation Department.   Funding was used to purchase building supplies and the barn was built free of charge in 1987 by the Home Builders Association.  In 1995 an addition was built on the barn by the Home Builders Association with funding from a KENO grant. The Nature Barn receives annual donations from the Rotary Club.

The main focus of the Rotary Nature Barn is the variety of animals which includes goats, a pony, a cow, chinchillas, guinea pigs, lizards, birds and more!  The barn also offers interpretive displays of posters, bone displays, books, corn play & more.   

The Rotary Nature Barn is located in Cottonmill Park, 2795 Cottonmill Avenue.  

The barn is open the end of May to mid-August.