Don't Bag It Program

Learn More about the Program

For more information on the Don't Bag It program, contact Buffalo County Extension at (308) 236-1235, or the City of Kearney Sanitation Division at (308) 233-3206.

Don’t Bag It Lawn Care Plan

The City of Kearney Sanitation Division would like to encourage residents to reduce their volume of yard waste by utilizing the Don’t Bag it Lawn Care Plan. Benefits include:
  • By not bagging your grass clippings you’ll save up to 30% mowing time.
  • Returned clipping debris will recycle back to the turf 1 to 1/4 lbs. of actual Nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. You can apply up to one third of the total Nitrogen needs of your lawn by simply returning your clippings.
  • Grass clippings contain about 85 percent water, with the balance of the clippings rapidly decomposing to release Nitrogen and other essential nutrients back to your lawn.
  • When the proper mowing frequency is maintained, clippings filter into the turf canopy without detracting from the beauty of the lawn or increasing the thatch layer. During spring, Kentucky Bluegrass can be cut to a height of 2”. The height should be raised to 3” during the summer months.
Keep in mind that thatch is a natural part of normal, healthy, turf grass growth and has little to do with whether you return your lawn clippings or not.