Membership Opportunities

Understanding between people and nations begins with individual involvement. Sister Cities makes it easy to learn about the rest of the world. Join Today!
Our members are a diverse and culturally aware group of individuals that you will be delighted to get to know. As a member of an organization in its infancy, you have the opportunity to participate in the development of youth programs, leadership programs, professional development programs, and educational programs. You will also be given the opportunity to be a cultural ambassador, an official member of a delegation that will visit our sister cities. Delegates will attend events in their honor, learn new customs, and make new friendships.

Membership has been established at various levels for various groups. All citizens of and businesses in Kearney are eligible for membership and encouraged to join!

Yearly Membership
Student $10
Individual $25
Family $50
Platinum $1,000
Gold $500
Silver $250
Bronze $100