Sister Cities

Welcome from Stan Clouse, Mayor of Kearney

Mayor Clouse
Welcome to Kearney Sister Cities. We have been working over the past few months to develop a sister cities program for Kearney. The purpose of this program is to develop a strong international relationship between Kearney and cities worldwide in such areas as education, youth exchange, cultural exchange, leadership, business and trade, and community development.

As a member of Sister Cities International, Kearney, like over 2,000 others cities in the United States, is opening its doors to the world. We hope that in the near future we will begin our program and I encourage all citizens of Kearney to get involved in this amazing program.

Welcome from Jerald Fox, Coordinating Committee Chair

Kearney is embarking on an exciting program to bring the world to our main street. The Kearney Sister Cities program will connect Kearney on a person-to-person basis with cooperating cities from around the world. This program will offer citizens and businesses of Kearney the opportunity to become personally acquainted with peoples from other parts of the world through cooperative educational, cultural, economic and youth programs.

Kearney has become an economic powerhouse in the region. Through programs like Sister Cities, Kearney can broaden its international reputation and take its place at the international table.

Sister Cities is an exciting program for the Kearney and we are seeking citizens and businesses of Kearney to participate in and develop this program. Please contact us for more information about this program or to become involved.