Snow Emergency Route

It shall be unlawful for any person to park any vehicle on any of the following streets or portions of streets during a snow emergency period when the City Manager or his/her designated representative has, by declaration, prohibited parking on said streets.

Street                                                                     Extent

11th Street

30th Avenue to Avenue M

16th Street

17th Avenue to Avenue M

25th Street

East City Limits to West City Limits

29th Street

2nd Avenue to Lakeview Drive

31st Street

2nd Avenue to Avenue N

33rd Street

2nd Avenue to 6th Avenue

35th Street

6th Avenue to 30th

39th Street

30th Avenue to Antelope Avenue

45th Street

Avenue N to Avenue R

48th Street

11th Avenue to Avenue N

50th Street

11th Avenue to Country Club Lane

56th Street

West City Limits to East City Limits

2nd Avenue

North City Limits to South City Limits

5th Avenue

11th Street to 33rd Street

6th Avenue

33rd Street to 48th Street

17th Avenue

35th Street to North City Limits

30th Avenue

11th Street to North City Limits

Avenue A

31st Street to 39th Street

Avenue E

22nd Street to 56th Street

Avenue H

11th Street to 22nd Street

Avenue I

25th Street to 39th Street

Avenue M

11th Street to 27th Street & Avenue N

Avenue N

25th Street to North City Limits

Avenue R

39th Street to 45th Street

Antelope Avenue

Highway 30 to 39th Street

Country Club Lane

24th Street to 50th Street

Grand Avenue

25th Street to Antelope Avenue

Lakeview Drive

29th Street to 35th Street

North Railroad Street

Avenue N to 30th Avenue

South Railroad Street

Central Avenue to Avenue M

Plaza Boulevard

North Railroad Street to 24th Street

University Drive

Lakeview Drive to 24th Street