Understanding Your Water Bill


The City of Kearney bills residents and businesses for water based on a monthly minimum plus an additional fee for water used.

Additional water is billed in units of 100 cubic feet. Every 100 cubic feet of water is equivalent to approximately 748 gallons.

Use your bill to understand how much water you use. For instance, a family of four that uses 13 units of water over a 30 day period used 9,724 gallons of water (13 units x 748 gallons). Over a 30-day billing period they used 324.13 gallons of water per day (9,724 ¸ 30). Therefore, on average each person in the family used 81 gallons of water per day (324 ¸ 4).

Use the difference between wintertime water consumption and summer consumption to see how much water you use outdoors.