Landfill Rates


Concrete, asphalt, wood pallets, trees, and appliances all have specific disposal areas and must be separated by the hauler.

Compacted Waste (per ton)  (will increase to $35 per ton effective Jan 1, 2024)
Uncompacted Waste (per ton)
Special Waste (per ton)
Contaminated Soil (per ton)
Minimum Charge Per Transaction (except yard waste)
Tires (Passenger) (each)$4
Truck and Tractor Tires (each)
Tires (per ton)
Appliances (each)
Wood Pallets (per ton)
Wood Pallets (less than 10 pallets) (each)
Clean Concrete/Asphalt (per ton)
Tree Debris per ton
Yard Waste
Sale of Compost (per cubic yard)
Sale of Compost (per cubic yard) loaded by landfill staff

Wood chips (loaded by customer)
Wood chips (loaded by landfill staff)

Disposal of root balls (lower stumps with root and dirt) (per ton)$45
Commercial Hauler (load) unsecured load
Residential Hauler (load) unsecured load

*Rates effective October 1, 2023