New Member Application

Applying for the Department

To apply for membership to the Kearney Volunteer Fire Department, an Application for Membership must be completed and returned to Fire Station 1, 2211 Avenue A.

After the department receives the application, the applicant is interviewed by the Investigative and Review Committee to investigate the qualifications and interest of the applicant. The City of Kearney will conduct a driving and national background check and/or investigation. A Personal Information and Background Check/Investigation is included in the application packet.

If the majority of the Committee is in favor of the applicant, the applicant is voted on by the department at any regular or special meeting.

If you have questions regarding the Application for Membership, please feel free to contact us at (308) 233-3226.

New Member Requirements

Training Course Completion

New members to the department must successfully complete the Fire Department’s Firefighter I 23 week course. Generally this course starts first part of January and ends towards the end of June. This course provides the applicant basic firefighter training and general department operations.


In addition to attending Firefighter I, the applicant must also maintain a 50% attendance at monthly business meetings, monthly squad meetings, and fire alarms sounded.


Every active member is also required to assist in the maintenance and upkeep of the Fire Department equipment, property, and facilities.