Water Trail Etiquette, Regulations and Warnings

Please follow the guidelines listed below for everyone's enjoyment and safety on the water trail:

  • Water trail users shall follow all Nebraska Boating Regulations.
  • Children, age 12 and under, are required to wear a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device.  For ages, 13 and older, all vessel (kayaks, paddleboards, canoes and tubes) must, at minimum, carry a U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation device for each person on board, but recommended to wear at all times.
  • Helmet and footwear recommended to wear at all times.
  • Leave no trace. Pack out all trash.
  • Respect private property. No trespassing on east side of Kearney Canal and both sides of the N. Channel of the Platte River. (see map).
  • Water Trail open from sunrise to sunset.
  • No motorized vessels.
  • Stay within your abilities and limits.
  • Recommended to not boat alone.   Adult supervision is recommended.
  • Practice courtesy and keep a safe distance from other boaters.
  • No floating upstream of 11th Avenue.
  • There are two whitewater drop structures where swift water is present.
  • Be aware of foot entrapment, strong recirculating current, underwater drop-offs and above water hazards.
  • No glass, styrofoam or alcohol.
  • No swimming or diving.

Enter and use at your own risk:

Warning:  No lifeguard on duty. By entering into the Kearney Canal and the N. Channel of the Platte River, you are assuming the risk of injury inherent in your recreational use of the Kearney Canal and N. Channel of the Platte River including but not limited to death, serious personal injury, and/or property damage. Under Nebraska Law, a political subdivision is not liable for an injury or the death of a participant in recreational activities resulting from the inherent risks of the recreational activities pursuant to section 13-910.