Meet Our Advisory Board


KFlaherty (2)
Kyle Flaherty, Chairman
Phone No. 308-627-5508

Why do you believe that Parks & Recreation is important for the community?  Parks and Recreation provides many benefits to people including mental and physical wellness, skill learning, inclusion, and it also boosts economic development for the community.

Term Expiration: 2020

Kathy English
Phone No. 308-440-7819

Why do you believe that Parks & Recreation is important for the community?  The potential health benefits of having access to a well-developed parks and recreation program is paramount to a community.  I strongly believe that KPR provides outstanding opportunity for physical and leisure activity which encourages the development of quality health behaviors of Kearney’s children, youth, adults and seniors. 

Term Expiration: 2022
Nathan Husak
Phone No. 319-538-4811

Term Expiration: 2022
Nicole Mailahn
Phone No. 308-234-5579

What do you value most about the Park & Recreation System?  I value how much the Park & Recreation staff and the community care about our town, particularly the parks and other facilities available through the KPR system. It is nice to have activities available year round for all ages as well.

Term Expiration: 2023
Marta Moorman
Phone No. 308-440-8498

Why do you believe that Parks & Recreation is important for the community?  Parks and Recreation are important for the community because they provide residents of all ages with positive opportunities in which to engage during their free time.  Recreation programs enable residents to try new things, be creative, stay in shape, compete with their peers in various sports, meet new people and make friends.  Parks provide us with open space and outdoor facilities, the chance to get away from work and enjoy nature.  Together they vastly improve the quality of life in Kearney!  This, in turn, makes our community an great place to live and helps entice new businesses to move here.

Term Expiration: 2023
K Smith
Kim Smith
Phone No. 308-224-8303

Why do you believe that Parks & Recreation is important for the community?  Our park system is an outreach to the people of our community.  Kearney’s parks are designed to give back to the people of Kearney and the surrounding area.  They are not only beautiful but promote physical activity.  Kearney’s  parks provide opportunities for recreation and enjoyment to all cultures and socioeconomic groups.  It is exciting to see the number of people, who take advantage of the facets of all of our parks; from swimming to fishing, from running to cycling, from Frisbee golf to special events and organized athletic leagues.  I had the pleasure of officiating softball for a number of years and our facilities were always the most professionally maintained and groomed.  Now, with the addition of Patriot Park I feel Kearney has the premier youth baseball and softball venue in the state.

Term Expiration: 2021
Kevin Witte
Kevin Witte, Vice-Chairman
Phone No. 308-238-0930

What are some Park and Recreation programs/facilities that you utilize the most?  My family and I are active users of Kearney's trail network, we love exploring the open spaces of Cottonmill, Baldwin, Meadowlark North and the Kearney Water Trail, and we participate in many of KPR's program events and activities.

Term Expiration: 2022