Severe Weather


Severe storms strike quickly! Thunderstorms can produce heavy rain, strong winds, lightning, hail and tornadoes. You may need to respond promptly to one of these threats posed by a storm in your area.

The National Weather Service, in cooperation with the broadcast media, Buffalo Watch and the local spotter system, will provide you with the warnings you need to quickly respond. If you listen to the media, you will know when a storm is approaching your area and you will know if you need to take protective action.

Severe Weather can include:
  • Flash Flooding
  • Lightning
  • Tornadoes

Watch or Warning

  • A Severe Thunderstorm Watch means conditions are right for the development of storms. Stay tuned to the media for further advisories.
  • A Severe Thunderstorm Warning means a storm is probable in the warned area and residents there should be prepared to take cover.
Don’t wait until an emergency siren sounds to start looking for flashlights and other things. Plan ahead. When severe storms threaten:
  • Keep alert
  • Stay tuned to the media for current information
  • Know where to find shelter and pick the safest spot
  • Make sure the entire family knows where to go
  • Avoid traveling
If you live in a mobile home, you should make sure the mobile home is securely anchored. During storm warnings, you should seek more secure cover and have a plan that includes abandoning your mobile home.