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Bookmobile Adult Deposit Preferences

  1. Format Preference*
  2. Genres and Quantities
    Below are popular genres. Please type the number of titles you'd like brought in your deposit boxes. (Example: 4 mysteries, 7 romance, 4 western, 5 audiobooks) Special notes and details may be left in the "Notes" section below.
  3. gardening, WWII, true crime, sports, etc.
  4. Please list other genres, authors, series, that may be of interest. Also, list anything else you think will be helpful for us to know.
  5. Placing Specific Requests
    You can request specific items any time by placing a "hold" for it online. Go online to the library's catalog and search for the item you want. Look carefully to select the format you want (book, audiobook, DVD, etc.) Click on the blue "Place Hold" button next to the title you want. You'll be prompted to log in - use your agency's library card number. You'll then be asked to choose a pickup location. Select the "Buffalo County Bookmobile" and, as soon as the item is available, it will be delivered to you in your deposit box.
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