Why are colored flags and paint showing up in my yard?

Prior to construction the City or any contractor uses the Nebraska 811 system to have other buried utilities located in and around the construction area. This allows those digging to know where buried infrastructure is located. Nebraska 811 does not locate private lines such as underground sprinklers or buried fences for dogs or mowers. These lines will need to be located by the resident, prior to construction.

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1. How do I determine if I have a lead service?
2. Will the City notify me if I have a lead service?
3. When will you be replacing my lead service line?
4. What is the replacement process for my lead service line?
5. Where can I find the map of areas you are working in this year?
6. Will our yards and landscaping be disturbed for the replacement?
7. If we want to replace the service lines ourselves, is there any reimbursement for it?
8. Why are colored flags and paint showing up in my yard?
9. Will I need to be home during my service line replacement?
10. What will the service line replacement cost me?
11. Do I need to do anything prior to the service line replacement?
12. What happens if my lawn sprinkler system or another buried system is damaged?