What will the stormwater surcharge fee be used for?
The money will be used to help manage and upgrade the municipal separate storm sewer system infrastructure, such as curb inlets and storm pipe, so that it continues to meet current regulations. It will be used to cover some of the expenses associated with incorporating the Stormwater Management Plan and its permit required programs. The first few years of the program will center on the following activities:
• Design and construction of stormwater capital projects including retrofits. This includes projects on City owned properties.
• Coordination of pollution reduction efforts including staff training, pollution prevention and good housekeeping practices for municipal operations, illicit discharge detection and elimination program, and public education and outreach.
• Maintenance and operation of City-owned stormwater drainage and stormwater treatment facilities.
There are other expenses this fee does not yet cover, such as street sweeping activities (last year our 3 street sweepers removed over 3,000 cubic yards of debris from the streets) and VacCon activities (for ensuring the 4,000 curb inlets and 100 miles of pipe are free of obstruction).

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