When does yard waste collection begin and end?
Yard waste collection generally begins about the first week of April each year, weather permitting.
Yard waste collection generally ends the week prior to Thanksgiving, weather permitting.

Weather permitting means that if it is unusually cold or if the City receives a late snow in March or April, yard waste collection may begin later than the first week of April. OR if the City receives an early snow in October or early November yard waste collection may end sooner than the week before Thanksgiving. WATCH FOR NEWS RELEASES announcing the beginning and end dates for yard waste collection.

Container storage: Residents are encouraged to store their yard waste container over the winter months in order to save the Sanitation Division the time consuming task of hauling the containers in to the storage yard.

Yard waste billing: The City does not charge the monthly bill for yard waste collection over the winter months of November, December, January, February or March.

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