Where can I find information on Fireworks safety?
Fireworks safety information can be found by clicking this link:Fireworks Safety

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1. When can I purchase consumer fireworks in Kearney?
2. May I go to Missouri or another state and buy fireworks and bring them back to Kearney?
3. When can I discharge (shoot) consumer fireworks in the City of Kearney?
4. What kind of fireworks can I purchase at a retail stand in Kearney?
5. Is there an age limit to purchase fireworks?
6. What are the requirements to have a firework stand in Kearney?
7. Do I need a license from the State of Nebraska?
8. Do I need a permit to sell fireworks?
9. Is there a fee for having a fireworks stand?
10. Where can I find more information on fireworks stands?
11. Why can retail stores sell fireworks before June 28?
12. Where can I find information on Fireworks safety?