Speed Trailer

November Locations
speed trailer.gif

11/5-11/9: 500 W 29th Street and 2000 W 50th Street
11/2-11/6: 300 W 22nd Street and 5000 111th Ave (northbound)
11/19-11/23: 2700 E Ave and 5000 11th Ave (southbound)
11/26-11/30: 400 E 16th Street and 3800 Country Club Lane

If you have a desire for some additional attention to vehicle speeding problems, you can request the placement of the trailers through ACCESS KEARNEY or by call (308) 237-2104 and asking for the Lieutenant who can arrange this if the trailers are available.

The public is encouraged to provide suggested locations at any time. Click on Access Kearney on the City of Kearney’s homepage at www.cityofkearney.org.