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18 East 22nd St.
Kearney, Nebraska 68847
Ph: (308) 233-3215
Trail System
The Park & Recreation Trail System is available year-round, weather permitting. All trails are open to the public. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trails. Organized public events need to be approved by the Park & Recreation Director. The trail may be rented up to one year in advance. A $1,000,000 liability insurance policy is required naming the City of Kearney as an additional insured.

Trail Use Guidelines
  1. Spray chalk or stick chalk may be used on the trails for directional purposes with the EXCEPTION OF INTERIOR PARK TRAILS in which only stick chalk or signs may be utilized. Excessive markings on trails are not needed. Keep directional arrows and words to a minimum. Orange spray chalk can be purchased from the Park and Recreation Department for $6.50/can.
  2. Spray paint is NOT allowed to be used on the trails. Damage fees will be charged if used.
  3. The trails are open to the public. If you wish to close a section of the trail for an event you must request as such on the Special Event Form. Your request must then get approved by the Kearney Park and Recreation Director.
  4. Motorized vehicles are not permitted on the trails without prior approval from the Kearney Park and Recreation Department. For the safety of other trail users, we recommend the use of bicycles when possible.
  5. Use of dirt/grass trails is subject to weather conditions. The Park staff will determine if a dirt/grass trail is safe to use.

View reservation information.

Kearney has 17 miles of historic and community trails. All trails are 8 feet wide paved sidewalks with several trail heads available. 

The fee to reserve the trail for an organized event is $25.00.  Damage deposit is $100.00.

For more information, please call the Park and Recreation Office at (308) 237-4644.