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How to Get a Protection Order
A protection order is a civil court order that you, the petitioner, request from the court to protect you from your abuser, the respondent. The protection order can order an abuser/ respondent to stop harming you, stop having contact with you, and to stop contacting you at your work or school.

You can request a temporary protection order at your nearest Victim/Witness Unit, Domestic Violence Shelter, or courthouse.

The temporary order lasts approximately two weeks. After that you will return to court and appear before a judge who will decide whether or not a full protection order will be granted. A protection order is good for one year. You may have an attorney present with you at this hearing, but it is not necessary. An Advocate from the Victim/Witness Unit can provide support and assistance during protection order proceedings. There is no cost for filing for a protection Order.

Violating a Domestic Violence Protection order is a crime. If a respondent violates the protection order, immediately contact the Police at (308) 237-2104.