Speed Trailer

March Locations
speed trailer.gif

We are beginning to focus on school zones as the weather is becoming better. Pay attention at
opening and closing times both near schools as well as the short distances students travel to
and from school. Also, when in the school zones, pay attention to buses loading or unloading
and notice the “Stop” arms.

If you have a concern, please contact the department and we will adjust the placement of the
trailers. If you have a specific time of day or a vehicle description of a problem, include the
information with your complaint. It is simple to share your concerns using the ACCESS Kearney
application, located on the City of Kearney’s website

If you have a concern please contact the on duty supervisor to share this concern by calling 308 237-2104

The public is encouraged to provide suggested locations at any time. Click on Access Kearney on the City of Kearney’s homepage at www.cityofkearney.org.